McDonald’s customer in Australia smashes register over COVID policy

Not everyone is lovin’ the restaurant industry’s new  safety procedures.

A customer in Australia pushed a cash register and printer off the counter after he was reportedly told to complete a COVID-check-in. Authorities arrested the man, who is currently facing charges related to the incident.

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s in New South Wales on Saturday, according to a post on Facebook page. The police also included screenshots from surveillance footage, which show the angry suspect shoving a cash register off the restaurant’s counter, sending it crashing to the floor.

The customer reportedly became angry when he was asked to scan a QR code by one of the restaurant’s employees, according to . He briefly argued with the worker before smashing the equipment.

According to the website, most businesses in the region are required to keep a record of who has visited their premises for contact-tracing purposes. An app, called the Service NSW app, is currently being used by businesses and customers to keep a record of where people have checked in (by using the QR code) and can later be referenced in case of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The man involved in Saturday’s McDonald’s incident was identified as a 25-year-old by local police, Yahoo News reports. He’s now facing charges related to damaging or destroying property, use of offensive language in a public place, and not complying with COVID-19 regulations.

“We continue to follow Government advice and require all dine-in guests across the state to sign-in via the Service NSW QR Code in accordance with our Covid-Safe plan,” a spokesperson for McDonald’s said in a statement obtained by Yahoo News.


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